The easiest way to tell the flu from COVID-19 and the common cold - comfortable and safe.
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Combo COVID-19 and influenza A/B Antigen Nasal Rapid Test
The most comfortable rapid test for determining the most dangerous respiratory infections
A soft pad is used for sampling, which is almost impossible to injure.
The test kit is a "pen" that, after taking the sample, you simply need to assemble according to the instructions.
Possibility to exclude or confirm two of the most dangerous respiratory viral infections.
High reliability of the result in determining COVID-19 and influenza, or confirmation of the absence of the disease.
Rapid antigen tests are approved by the FDA and are recommended by WHO for use in adults and children from 2 years of age
Why do I need Combо COVID-19 and Influenza A/B Antigen Nasal RAPID Test?
It actually makes it possible to immediately get answers to three questions: is it COVID-19? Or is it the flu? Or another acute respiratory viral infection, that is, a cold?
Coronavirus infection and influenza have similar symptoms in many cases. The combined rapid test is an opportunity to determine the causative agent of the disease at home and start the correct treatment.
The result of the test will help you understand whether you need to adhere to the requirement of self-isolation - it is not necessary for the flu.
  1. COV for COVID-19 virus antigen detection (blue)
  2. FLU for Influenza A/B antigen detection (green)
Test procedure
Possible risks
Painless, simple and safe
No risk of injury; the procedure is completely anonymous
Convenient to put in your pocket, purse and use on your own anywhere and anytime
No risks
Unpleasant, painful and uncomfortable
There is a risk of injury to the mucosa with a long stick
Сomplex procedure requiring training, special conditions and skills of a laboratory assistant
Risk of injury, incorrect sampling, or violation of testing procedure
antigen test
Unpleasant and uncomfortable
The procedure requires special laboratory conditions
It is necessary to visit the laboratory and provide personal data
High risk of contact with infected persons
Find out the answer and start the right treatment!
COVID-19 and Influenza are dangerous respiratory viral infections. Even if you have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, this does not exclude the disease. Even if you get a flu shot, it is not a guarantee of complete protection against the disease. For some symptoms, the diseases may be similar - so get important information in order to get correct treatment right away.
NASAL TEST: instruction FOR USE
When do you need a combined
coronavirus and influenza test?
Should you self-isolate if you have flu-POSITIVE test RESULT?
The law does not oblige those who have the flu to limit contact with other people. But we call for responsibility! Influenza is a very dangerous viral disease, especially for young children and the elderly, those who have chronic concomitant diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, immunodeficiencies).
Strict self-isolation measures are not required, but avoid contact, do not go to work, do not use public transport, cancel visits - do not endanger others!
You have symptoms of a cold: runny nose, dry cough, sore throat
You feel very weak, dizzy
You can't smell
You have an increased body temperature
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Frequently asked questions about
Why only influenza A and B viruses?
Because in the 2021-2022 season, it is expected that in the Northern Hemisphere, including on the territory of Ukraine, several strains of the influenza virus of groups A and B will dominate. In general, experts make a forecast for the spread of certain strains of influenza twice a year, based on research data from different parts of the world. Taking into account the prognosis of the dominance of certain strains, vaccines and tests are being developed, including rapid tests for home check for infection.
Can this test be used to detect the virus in children? From what age?
You can use the Milistan Combi Nasal Rapid Test kit to detect the presence of COVID-19 antigen or influenza in children from two years of age. Please note that sampling should only be done by an adult, even if in case of an older child. You should be very careful when sampling from small children. The short, soft pad is much safer than a long stick found in most rapid respiratory virus test kits, which can be uncomfortable for a small child.
How reliable is the result?
You can trust the result just as much as you can trust a PCR test or a laboratory antigen test for COVID-19 and influenza. With regard to coronavirus infection, the relative sensitivity of the test is 95.1%, the relative specificity is 99.4%. The total accuracy of the coronavirus antigen test is 98.5%.
As for influenza A/B viruses, the relative sensitivity of Milistan Combi Nasal Rapid Test is 93.1%, the relative specificity is 100%. The total accuracy of the influenza A/B antigen test is 98%.
You can be quite sure that the result is reliable. But if we are talking about COVID-19 in particular, you may need official confirmation of infection, which can only be obtained after a laboratory test, usually PCR.
How is this combined test different from others?
The main difference is the shape of the nasal sampling pad. In most respiratory virus antigen tests, the kit includes a long stick that is fairly easy to injure. The short soft pad of Milistan Combi Nasal Rapid Test provides an easy, safe and reliable testing for a coronavirus infection or influenza virus.
In addition, the test kit is very easy to use - it is a "pen" that is assembled according to the instructions after taking the sample. No skills or special conditions are required. The test can be taken anywhere at any time convenient for you.
Due to the shape of the sampling pad, the test kit is also convenient to use if a child needs to be tested, especially a younger one.
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